Lambri Totem 2013

Lambri Peak right above Behta Pani (12,000 feet) is a holy pilgrimage place where rishis (holy men) have been coming from time immemorial. I’ve gone there annually in May-June since 2004 as a four-five day retreat to reconnect to our Tirthan Valley watershed. Himat Ram (our Behta Pani manager and former Great Himalayan National Park/ GHNP wildlife expert) and I camp below the high meadow ridges in a small oak forest where a fresh water rivulet flows. From the higher meadows at Lambri Jogni (altar), the majestic Himalayan ranges of GHNP Mountains tower to 18-20,000 feet. Kamla accompanied me for the first time this year an arduous feat of seven hours of hiking up steep inclines in one day…. impressive as she turned 65

Having been stimulated by the Baja Totems earlier in the year, I did one more elaborate Lambri Totem near our campsite using the decaying trunk of a fallen Oak tree. Found objects included leaves, bark, twigs, soil, and Monal feathers (a rare Himalayan pheasant) and dwarf rhododendron flowers. As Lambri receives up to 20 feet of snow each winter, it will be interesting to see how it will look when I return in May 2014.

Lambri Totems

Video: Conversation with Kamla K.Kapur

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