For the past 13 years the Hirubnallah/stream that pervades our waking and sleeping consciousness, flows endlessly past my studio and our home. Almost all the hikes in our environs feel the immediate drumming of the water over the rocks; sometimes trickling high notes when levels are low, or as reverberating sustained low notes during Monsoon spate in July-August. The majestic, yet small, contained Hirub is an endless palette: pale jades, cool to warm grays and greens. Laminar flows reflect white, green, and black rocks below the surface, as frothy almond and bubbling snow whites tumble in small waterfalls. Storms bring siennas, umbers and slate grays mudding the crystal clear waters in a mixed spectrum reflecting human roadwork and mountain runoff.

The Hirub has been a muse, blessing me and my work with endless variations on a theme, in many varied compositions commencing in 2005 as I sketched the rocks and water during the first few years building our home, BehtaPani/Flowing Waters. When I returned in May 2016, I felt an inner voice pulling me with a constant refrain: No Mind. ?How?? I replied. My paintings were consistent and explored my inner response to the energetic fields and flows that informed them. But after ten years of complex Hirub semi-abstract or semi-real water/landscape paintings, I valued the inner voice?s direction and chose to listen. Thus,from the Hirub Suite 2016 themes, Hirub Dream and Soft Hirub, evolvedThe Calligraphy of Water. What I hope is a new compositional direction guided by the Zen precept that has been part of the goal of forty years of meditation/sitting and more so applying detached engagement to the details of my life.

  – Hirub Dream
  – Soft Hirub
  – Calligraphy Series


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