Himalayan Totems 2012

There was a lot of new room construction at Behta Pani in 2012 that prevented the use of my studio. The Del Mar studio also had repairs, so 2012 was not a very productive year for artwork. But, as the beauty of our Himalayan forest is ever present, I could not fully refrain from artwork. So, I carved out a small space working on the beautiful white marble table Kamla got me ten years ago, and continued the Himalayan Totem series begun in 2008 (and even earlier in the Nature Totems begun in Baja in 1970).

These mixed-media, found object Nature-human detritus sculptures continue their exploration of that interface. They combine stone, wood, feather, bone, porcupine quills, crystal, sunflower plant stalks and roots, twisted and rusted metal, barbed wired and mirrors. Some of the totems have cast bronze of these natural elements, others are embellished with gold paint.

  – Sculpture  


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