Fire Suite

A series of paintings exploring fire imagery catalyzed during a trek in the Great Himalayan National Park in June 2011. After a strenuous 8-hour trek, of 14 miles gaining 5,000 feet, we pitched camp at Guntrao thatch/meadow. As the Himalayan blue-black night descended men gathered around a fire with flickering images and other wordly human forms that burnt indelible shapes and forms. Upon returning to Behta Pani, pastel sketches formed the initial basis of the series.

Fire is a deeply, powerful symbolic force and one of the main elements that ancients understood of the physical world (along with water, air and earth). Fire purifies, transforms, warms, destroys, rages, has alchemical aspects, and triggers our collective unconscious memories. The phenomenology of fire is a source of reverie triggering countless associations, reflections, and entry into the present now.

Figures of Fire and Light
Fire Hoop
Fire Moksha


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