Video documentaries either on or by Stevens

Video 1

Voices & Choices

(Writer/Co-director) 2005 Great Himalayan National Park (23:57 min)

Video 2

Kullu Health Mela 2006

(Writer/Director/Camera) 2006 My Himachal Child Health Care Project (7 min)

Video 3

Kullu Health Mela 2008

(Writer/Director/Camera) 2008 My Himachal Child Health Care Project (7 min)

Video 4

Profile on Indian National television

2008 Doordarshan TV August (11:37 min)

Video 5

TABO: A Thousand Years of Prayer

(Writer/Director/Camera) 2008 Documentary on ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Spiti, HP (23:07 min)

Video 6

Dark Forest

Solo Art Exhibition American Center/US Embassy, New Delhi, September 15-25, 2009 (4:51 min)

Video 7

EnergyLandscapes Exhibit 2010 SWCC

Art Exhibition (Director) 2010 Southwestern College Art Gallery, San Diego, CA, Jan-Feb (14:14 min)

Video 8

Sacred Rivers of the Tirthan Valley

(Writer/Director/Camera) 2011 Educational video on the unique micro-climate habitat of the Upper Seraj Valley used to protect streams from small hydro-electric dams (5 min)


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