Blood Falls II Dark Matters

The brutal aggression of our species continues to impact my/our lives, especially in the Middle East where the Syrian uprising has claimed 250,000 lives. The resultant refugee crisis in Europe, the largest since World War II (with 60 million refugees fleeing), has been deeply troubling along with growing acts of politically and individually motivated violence: from grisly beheadings to American shooter carnage. Blood Falls thus evolved to include human figures/silhouettes floating in this blood-space.

The great Indian Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore had a premonition of a World War on the last of day 19th Century and wrote this poem.

The Sunset of the Century

The last sun of the century sets Amidst the blood-red colours of the West and the whirlwind of hatred. The naked passion of self-love of Nations, in its drunken delirium of greed is dancing to the clash of steel and the howling verses of vengeance.
The hungry self of the Nation shall burst into a violence of fury from its own shameless feeding For it has made the world its food,
And licking it, crunching it and swallowing it in big morsels,

It swells and swells Till in the midst of its unholy feast it descends the sudden heaven piercing its heart of grossness..
from Nationalism, December 31, 1899

  – Blood Falls II Dark Matters


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